Reversible Artwork Bomber by Scotch & Soda Maison.

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Reversible Artwork Bomber by Scotch & Soda Maison.

Reversible Artwork Bomber

Αυτό το bomber jacket από την Scotch & Soda  Maison, φοριέται και από τις δύο όψεις.

This bomber jacket comes in a special reversible design with statement embroidered artwork. Quilted on one side, more soft and silky on the other. Features sports banding, piped edges, contrast print detail and lurex collar and cuffs.

  • Silky fabric
  • Bomber fit
  • Lurex bomber collar
  • Slash pockets
  • Elasticated hem
  • Hemline embroidery
  • Back appliqué
  • 100% polyester

Article number: 140589



Scotch & Soda



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